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Over 12 weeks that feature the most comprehensive instructor led learning experience in India, acquire in demand skills and get placed in the sexiest job of the 21st century as noted by Harvard Business Review.

For one and all including Freshers, School of Jobs’ Immersive offers cutting edge industry relevant training, job placements and comes with our epic Money Back Guarantee.


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For the damn serious and ambitious ones

Affordable Payment Plans + Tangible Outcomes = Highest ROI and Quickest Payback

Everything we do at School of Jobs is pursued with a one track relentless goal --> to help you win with a transformative job placement. To commence a career in Data Science & Machine Learning, you need the ability to ace highly technical job interviews.

That can happen only when your skills are in line with industry needs, complete and comprehensive

Having been at the frontlines of quality education since 2007, we know first-hand that complex skills are best learnt in an immersive, full time and collaborative learning environment. Especially for those who are damn serious about taking their first step and embarking on a cool new career.

Full Time, Online LIVE
12 Weeks
Over 420 Hours
Instructor Led Training
In Demand

Practical Assignments
Industry Projects
Capstone Projects

Guided Hackathons
Money Back

Why Us?

If every candidate who has completed a Data Science certification is supposedly “job ready”, then why is there such an acute talent crunch and a huge mismatch between demand and supply? Much is wrong with education today and this is how School of Jobs is unique:

Fact School of Jobs
Delivery Complex skills can't be learnt through online pre-recorded videos. If they could, there would be no talent crunch Our training is LIVE, instructor led featuring 420+ hours to deliver impact and make it meaningful
Comprehensive. Practice It's not possible to commence a career in Data without getting your hands dirty with different data sets Includes 100+ in-class assignments, 8 Projects, 2 Capstones and 2 Hackathons, so you are truly "job ready"
Placements. Outcomes Imparting education to learners, issuing a paper certifcate and then leaving them to fight their placements battle is a "scam" We've given our sweat and blood to deliver best in class placements since 2007. Our track record and career paths of Alumni are testimony
Money Back Guarantee The whole experience completely risk free for you. No one else can deliver that! We win only when you win. Our interests are aligned with yours.

Ultimately, if you’re someone who truly aspires to commence a career in Data Science today, then your learning must be complete, comprehensive, time bound and goal oriented.


Join the program that delivers for you

Since 2007, we have believed that education providers must go far beyond just delivering industry relevant skills. Today more than ever before, learners need the means to be able to use that knowledge and transform their lives with an opportunity to earn. That’s why we have fought tooth and nail to deliver world class and unparalleled job placements in Investment Banking. Now we’re bringing those ethics and vision to Data Science and Machine Learning.


Since 2007, School of Jobs has been delivering cutting edge industry relevant training and enriching lives.

Transformation. Reach

Today our Alumni are working with the likes of JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Citi, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, HSBC & Nomura across New York, London, Johannesburg, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong & Sydney.

Comprehensive. Impactful

Our methods have stood the test of time and have a proven track record. Featuring over 420 hours of instructor led training via online live webinars, assignments, projects, capstone and hackathons, our Immersive delivers the most complete, comprehensive, and cost effective learning experience in India.

Money Back Guarantee

Our experience and track record in delivering transformative job placements is unmatched by any training provider in any part of the world. If we can’t deliver 3 interviews then you get a no questions asked money back.

“The best part about the course was the amount of effort that was put into providing us with a job placement. The teachings were up to a high standard and the practical training and application enabled me to get a good feel for what was required on the job. Our progress was closely monitored and we received a lot of support and personal attention throughout”

Giuseppe Mosca, University of Exeter

Why Data Science?

Surging demand + Talent crunch + Salary growth = Bright future for you

“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine” Gartner

Data professionals are in extremely high demand and for good reason. They operate at the intersection of mathematics, statistics, business acumen, computer science and communication. Whether you’re a fresher about to embark on your first job or someone contemplating a career change, embarking on this journey offers some serious upside for both your brain and bank account!


400% growth in demand for Data Science & Machine Learning professionals in India. But only 19% growth in supply.


Out of 10 lakh companies in India, 75% have invested or are going to invest in machine learning and data science.

30 lacs

For data scientists with 4-5 years experience, pay can be in the 15-30 lacs range. CAs with a similar experience earn between 8-15 lacs and engineers earn 5-8 lacs.

$16 bn

Eight-fold growth by 2025 in Big Data Analytics in India - from $2 bn currently to $16 bn.

14 lakhs

14 lakhs new IT jobs to be added in Machine Learning, Big Data, IoT, Cybersecurity etc by 2027 in India.

Best jobs

For 3 consecutive years, Data Science & Machine Learning has topped the list of ‘Best jobs in the USA’.

How it Works?

Your path to a career in Data Science & Machine Learning

Perhaps the most valuable non-technical skill a data scientist must have is an intense curiosity. Data scientists must be self starters, pose questions and then come up with solutions that can transform a business. Through our Immersive, students learn to think and analyse like Data Scientists. Ultimately, entry level professionals hired from School of Jobs can hit the ground running from Day 1 as opposed to Day 90.

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This is the taught phase of the Program and runs for 12 weeks, full time from Monday to Friday. Theory is blended with practise with the aim of getting candidates “job ready”. Featuring over 420 hours of instructor led training via online live webinars, this is the most comprehensive and impactful training experience in India.

Industry Relevant Curriculum

Our instructors deliver knowledge and skills that are in demand by recruiters. Topics covered include Coding, Statistics, Algebra, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Data Wrangling, Data Visualisation and Big Data among others.

Capstone Projects

From weeks 10 to 12, learners will work on 2 Capstone projects that will bring it all together and connect the dots. Each project will cover the nuances that have been covered in the previous 9 weeks and test your application skills. It goes without saying that our instructors will mentor and guide learners.


Our course follows a rigorous hands-on approach where candidates work on several challenging problems, projects and hackathons.

100+ Practical Assignments to complement theory with practice and reinforce concepts

8 Industry Projects that feature case studies and learning from top global firms

2 Guided Hackathons for learners to test your mettle against other peers

Flexible Learning

Working professionals can opt for our Part Time Program and there is no need to quit your current job.


Delivering life transforming placements is what we do. It’s what we have been doing since 2007. Placements typically begin in Week 12 and take a couple of weeks. Recruiters usually have a few rounds which takes time.

The best that we can do is line up 3 interviews for you

Your own merit is key in being able to convert an interview into a job offer

You must score a minimum of 70% on assessments to qualify for placements


Most companies today examine a candidates' Github profile as part of the evaluation process. Learners get to showcase their expertise on Github, which is an online repository to store all projects and assignments which will be assessed and verified by us.

content & outline

Pick up in demand skills to become a data scientist

Our program will equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for an entry level job in data science and machine learning. Students can expect to do a deep dive into maths, statistics and programming tools as they learn how to gather data, apply statistical analysis to that data and provide insights and recommendations on which informed business decisions can be made.


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Week 1: Introduction, Python Programming

In week 1, you will be introduced to artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP) & chatbots. You will also be introduced to GitHub, understand its nuances and learn to build your profile. In addition, learners will be introduced to Python programming and get comfortable with the technology stack and complete installation.

Introduction - AI, ML, DL & NLP

Overview of AI and Data Science

Real Time usage of Machine Learning (ML)

Different types of ML Algorithms

Deep Learning (DL) Overview

NLP and Chatbot Overview

Introduction - GITHUB

What is GIT

How to create a Profile?

How to create a Repository?

How to add a Project or Code?

Commit, Fork, Main, Trunk Branch

Python Programming

Data Types


Conditional Execution

Iteration (Loops)


Lambda Expression

List, Tuple, Dictionary, Set (Collections)

Classes and Exception

Files and Database

Import and Standard Library (Modules)


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Week 2: Probability and Statistics

In week 2, you will gain skills related to statistics, algebra and probability using Numpy and Scipy which lay the foundation for learning Data Science.

Descriptive Statistics

Inferential Statistics

Conditional Probability

Bayes Theorem


Confidence Intervals

Hypothesis Testing


Vector and Matrices

Matrix Operations


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Week 3: Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

During week 3, learners will be acquainted with exploratory data analysis – a medium to clean and transform data, identify outliers and present observations via visualizations using the Matplotlib & Seaborn libraries in Python.

Data Input and Validation

Data Types – Continuous, Discrete, Categorical

Scale - Nominal, Ordinal, Interval and Ratio

Data Sourcing & Cleansing

Missing Values Treatment

Data Manipulation (Indexing, GroupBy, ReShaping)

Data Normalization

Series and Data Frame

Data Merging, Processing, Transformation

Feature Engineering

Outlier Detection

Basics Analysis and Plotting

Data Visualizations (Matplotlib and Seaborn)


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Week 4: Machine Learning Algorithms - Supervised Learning

In week 4, students will understand the regression and tree based machine learning algorithms and their real time use cases. Learners will become familiar with parametric & non-parametric algorithms, ensemble techniques, time series forecasting, their usage, model building & validation.

Classification and Regression Trees (CART)

Linear Models

Linear Regression

Multi Variable Regression

Logistic Regression

Tree Methods & Ensemble Techniques

Decision Trees, Bagging, Random Forest, Boosting

Time Series for Forecasting (Regression, Smoothing, Moving Average )

Non Parameter Algorithms (Support Vector Machines Kernel, Kernel Tricks, KNN)

Data Preprocessing and Model Selection Technique

Cross Validation



Metrics Calculation


Confustion Matrix

Classification Report

ROC Curves


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Week 5: Machine Learning Algorithms - Unsupervised Learning

In week 5, you will be introduced to various unsupervised learning techniques like clustering, dimension reduction, collaborative & content based recommendation systems using Python.

Clustering Techniques

Kmeans Clustering

Hierarchical Clustering

Association and Recommended Systems

Collaborative Filtering

Content Filtering

PCA and Dimension Reduction

Market Basket Analysis


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Week 6: Deep Learning

During this week, candidates will understand Neural Networks and its usage in prediction and classification of images using CNN, RNN and LSTM deep learning techniques.

Neural Units

Neurons in TensorFlow

Cost Functions, Gradient Descent and Backpropagation, Perceptron

Fitting Models in TensorFlow

Introduction to CNN for Visual Recognition


Dropout and Regularization

Tuning Hyper Parameters

RNN and LSTM Algorithms Overview


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Week 7: Natural Language Processing (NLP)

In week 7, you will understand the importance of natural language processing and be introduced to unstructured data, text, it’s classification, analysis, tagging, sentiment analysis and summarization using various algorithms in Python. Learners will also be introduced to chatbot development.

Regular Expression

Components of Speech

Vector Space Methods

Matrix Factorization, SVD

Text Mining

Text Data Processing and TF - IDF

Text Normalization, Classification

Naive Bayes

Word Embedding, Tagging

Sentiment Analysis

Information Extraction, Named Entity Extraction

Topic Modelling, Summarization

Chatbot Overview


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Week 8: Data Engineering

During week 8, learners will understand the RDMS and NoSQL databases along with their usage. They will also develop a deep understanding of Spark ML which is used for Batch and Stream Data Processing in Data Analytics and Data Prediction using Machine Learning Algorithms at scale.

Database Concepts

RDMS Overview



MongoDB Overview

HBase Overview

Intro into BIG Data and Hadoop Ecosytem

Characteristics of Big Data

Challenges for Big Data

UseCases for Big Data

Traditional vs Hadoop

Apache Hadoop & Distributions


HDFS Infrastructure & MapReduce,YARN

Apache Sqoop

Apache Spark, PySpark


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Week 9: Communication and Data Visualization

In week 9, you will be acquainted with product life cycle in Data Science. You will also be introduced to a leading data visualization tool – tableau and its usage. Furthermore, learners will get comfortable with Kaggle, a site where data science related projects and competitions are held.

Production Deployment

Building a Data Science Model

Production Deployment Steps

Data Science Sprints

Architecting Data Science Systems

Model Promotion Criteria

Deploying Data Science Products


Kaggle Overview

How to Participate in Kaggle Competition

Data Visualization Using Tableau

Intro to Tableau

Effective Data Visualization

Memory and Cognitive Load

Static and Dynamic Filters


Story Boards

Connection to DB, Data Blending & Joins

Calculated Fields sets, Groups etc.

Different Chart Type

Different Color Type and Clutter

Dashboard Creation and Formatting


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Week 10-12: Capstone Projects, Interview Prep

Q&A, Interview Prep


Communication Skills

Current Affairs

2 Capstone Projects (You need to score 70%)

Truth be told, interview prep begins on Day 1 and happens everyday.


In a league of its own

Candidates who complete our Data Science & Machine Learning Immersive successfully, will get interview opportunities with leading recruiters. We can do what we can do, which is generate interview opportunities on a best efforts basis.

Converting an interview opportunity into a job offer depends on a candidates' own merit

We DO NOT guarantee placements

Think about this…Investment Banking is the most difficult and hyper competitive area to break into and our placement record of 90% (below) since 2007 speaks for itself. Our methods have stood the test of time. That’s why we are confident of being able to replicate our placements success for Data Science and Machine Learning as well, where recruiters are facing an acute talent crunch.

So how do we deliver placements? We do much more than spruce up your CV, soft skills training, interview prep and create a repository on Github. Surely we do all this as well, but go far beyond and tap into our network to generate interview opportunities for candidates. Then you must step up, deliver your magic and make it count!

We do not rely on head hunters. Over the years we have developed strong contacts with recruiters and our network is growing all the time. In fact we have so much confidence in our placement capabilities, that if we can’t deliver 3 interviews then you get a no questions asked money back. That’s quite epic to say the least!

Delivering life transforming placements is what we do. It’s what we have been doing since 2007….and our track record today is truly in a league of its own.


Passionate educators

Our instructors have been carefully screened and have the right blend of industry experience and penchant for training. At School of Jobs, each and every team member has only one goal --> to see you win!


To step up, apply now

At School of Jobs, we believe in a stakeholder approach where the growth of our Institute is dependent on the growth of our candidates and vice versa. Such principles make it critical to attract the best talent with an appreciation for the professional, cultural and operational dynamics of the industry.


Applicants should have scored 60% or above in Class 10, 12 and under graduation. Though our Course is open to anyone who aspires to make a career in Data Science & Machine Learning, most participants will typically be freshers and recent graduates with 0-3 years work experience. It is preferable if candidates are from a quantitative background like:

Engineering, Maths, Stats, Sciences, Computer Science, Economics, Commerce etc

PLEASE NOTE: We apply a one time non-refundable application processing fee of Rs 500. The same is adjustable against course fees.

application process

Choose a career track and program dates

Upload your CV and cover letter

Shortlisted applications will be invited for an interview

Interviews will be held either in person or online


We strongly encourage you to include a cover letter that addresses:

Your motivation for applying to us?

What values do you bring to the table?

How will you conduct yourself as a professional and our alumni?

Start date Duration Timing Live Webinars Status
3 Feb, 2020 12 Weeks 9 am – 4 pm Instructor Led Apply Now
11 May, 2020 12 Weeks 9 am – 4 pm Instructor Led Apply Now


Feel free to reach out to our team on 91 9582 480 363 during standard business hours

Fees, Financing

Maximising return on investment


It is our constant endeavour to make our programs more accessible. We have relationships with various financing providers for your ease and convenience. If you would like to explore financing options, let our team know during the interview process.

Students will be expected to follow up with various financing providers on their own

Providers will make their own independent decisions on applications

Students should factor in a minimum of 5 business days to explore financing options


We see education as a means to an end. Inclusive. Impactful. Transformative. Compared to other full time training providers in India, School of Jobs provides the most superior value for money. We come in at Rs 214 per instructor hour (see below) , which is substantially more economical compared to other peers who provide a full time Course. Add to this, our money back guarantee which is designed to deliver the highest RoI and quickest payback. In short, we win only when you win!

Full Time Providers Instructor Hours Course Fees (Rs) Fee Per Instructor
Hour (Rs)
Provider A 155 365,000 2,355
Provider B 500 300,000 600
Provider C 400 210,000 525
School of Jobs 420 90,000 167

There are 2 affordable plans for learners:

Plan A - Instalments

Admissions Week 5 Week 9
Rs.30,000 + GST Rs.30,000 + GST Rs.30,000 + GST

Plan B - One time

Before 2 July 2019 Post
Rs 70,000 + GST
(Save Rs.20,000)
Rs 80,000 + GST
(Save Rs.10,000)

Payments can be made through Net Banking or Cheque.

“Faculty is exceptional and encourages students to think independently and develop an analytical mind. This definitely helped me to crack interviews”

Piyush Gaware, IIT Mumbai


Though our Course is open to anyone who aspires to make a career in Data Science & Machine Learning, most participants will typically be freshers and recent graduates with 0-3 years work experience. It is preferable if candidates are from a quantitative background like Engineering, Maths, Stats, Sciences, Computer Science, Economics, Commerce etc.

Working professionals can opt for our Part Time Program.

We offer a Part Time Program for working professionals. Highlights:

Training on Sat and Sun only

Classes delivered online, via LIVE instructor led webinars

Accessible from any location

Offers job placements

Money back guarantee

Every time we send your CV to a recruiter for placements, we’re putting our brand on the line. Such principles make it critical to attract the best talent with an appreciation for the professional, cultural and operational dynamics of the industry.

Assessments are designed to equip candidates for job interviews and the corporate world. Each assessment is conducted only after plenty of practice in order to maximise student success. This is how assessments are graded:

30% weight is given to in-class Assignments

30% weight is given to Industry Projects

40% weight is allocated to Capstone Projects

Learners must score a minimum of 70% on each individual assessment and overall

After completing our Course, students will be able to pursue careers in any of the following roles:

Data Analyst

Data Scientist

Python Developer

Machine Learning Engineer

Assessments: First of all, learners must score a minimum of 70% on assessments which will be graded by our instructors, to be eligible for placements.

Interviews: Generating even 1 interview requires a great deal of fight and effort from our side. Our role is to create opportunity, but you should be crystal clear that converting an interview into a job offer depends on your own merit. We do not guarantee placements. Subject to performance on the Course, we can generate a maximum of 3 interviews on a best efforts basis. That’s a lot of interviews. Do you back yourself to convert?

Recruiters: Every candidate who signs up for our Immersive is doing so because they want to commence a career in the field of Data. So for someone looking to make a start and enter this industry, there is no room to pick and choose recruiters. All job interviews that we send you for utilise the skills that we have provided on the Course. If you’re looking for a new start that can make your career go places, you’re certainly in the right place.

Offer: When you get an offer, you will be expected to pull out from the placement process. Congratulations will be in order then and we wish you all the very best for a high growth career ahead.

It’s pretty simple. Our experience and track record in delivering transformative job placements is unmatched by any training provider in the world. If we can’t deliver 3 interviews then you get a no questions asked money back. There are a couple of basic requirements for the money back guarantee to kick in:

Students should score a minimum of 70% on assessments as graded by our instructors

Attendance must be a minimum of 95% throughout the Course

All projects should be submitted before the deadline

Candidates who complete the program successfully will be awarded a certificate. Having said that, we encourage candidates to rise above the mind set of “collecting” certificates. What matters is that top recruiters hire from us regularly. That in itself is the best certification there could be!
Placements typically begin at the end of Week 12 and can take anything between 4-12 weeks. Recruiters usually have a few rounds which takes time. Therefore, patience is key.

Hackathons: At School of Jobs, hackathons are an integrated part of the learning experience and offer a unique opportunity to test your mettle against other peers. They will typically begin after the 12 week training period has ended. It goes without saying that learners will be mentored by our Instructors every step of the way.

Doubt Clearing Sessions: Even though our training is Immersive and learners will get personalised attention from our instructors, there will additional doubt clearing sessions held on Saturdays. The same will be conducted via online live webinars and learners can email questions before hand.

Candidates will be placed in major tech hubs across the country. We encourage candidates to be geographically flexible to the best extent possible.

If you are an international student and would like to explore how School of Jobs could deliver for you, feel free to drop us an email. Our recruiter network is expanding all the time and we may well be able to assist you with placements in your home country as well.

Industry projects are given at the end of each week to re-in force concepts covered with practice. For example, during deep learning week, students will do a project on deep learning and so on. Capstone projects are undertaken at the end of the Course and bring together elements covered over the entire course. They are more comprehensive and take some time to complete. Of course, our instructors are always close by to guide.