SIB now operates as School of Jobs! It’s business as usual.


Raj Pajwani | Pre SIB: CA, Bcom Post SIB: Analyst, JP Morgan

It is undeniable to say that SIB was the best investment that I have ever made. SIB proved to be a total game changer for my career profile

Radhika Singhal | Pre SIB: CA, Post SIB: Analyst, Deutsche Bank

Joining SIB was definitely a very good decision since SIB provided a great platform to learn almost every thing that an Investment banker does.

Aishwarya Lilaramani | Pre SIB: BBA, Pune University Post SIB: Analyst, Boutique Firm

The best part of training were the news discussions and interview practice sessions which I believe are must for anyone who aspires to work in this field.

Aditya Shekhawat | Pre SIB: Research Associate Post SIB: Analyst, Equity Research

this course help me to secure an equity research job with a local brokerage house, it added a practical dimension to the theoretical knowledge which I gained through my experiences earlier.